Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

Here are a few simple games that your toddler will love and that will help his social and emotional development.


PLAYING: Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

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Bring his teddy bear to life: treat him like a real person, take him on walks, dance with him. Give him emotions and voice them out to your child. This will allow your child to identify and talk about emotions, all the while developing his imagination.


Clap together: Your child can’t clap alone just yet, but for now, you can clap them together for her. Accompany that with some songs and it will boost her language skills and improve her hand-eye coordination


Have tea together: Play adult by having a little tea party, using water. As simple as it might seem, it will help your child with coordination, and she can learn about basic properties of water, like how it flows and how it gets things wet


Start a collection: Grab a bucket and go out into the world to find leaves and stones or other small objects. Your child will enjoy filling (and tossing) the bucket and it’s a good way to get them interested in nature and to improve their dexterity


Play hide and seek: You can move away from peekaboo by the time your baby becomes a toddler and start playing some simple hide and seek games, where you hide under the covers or behind a towel. This will help him understand that just because he can’t see something, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.