Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker

Track your pregnancy week by week and learn more about your pregnancy stages, the symptoms, and your baby's development

First Trimester

Congratulations – you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy! Although it may not be known (or visible) to the outside world yet, and you're probably flooded with emotions and questions, know that you're not alone on this journey. Learn more about what's going on inside you.

Second Trimester

Your nausea may be slowly subsiding, you're feeling more energetic - a lot of women refer to this trimester as being the 'best' of the three. Even though you're more visibly pregnant, you're still able to move around (fairly) normally. Doctors visits will increase during this trimester, so get those questions ready!

Third Trimester

As your due date approaches, you'll start to feel the need to organise and prepare for baby's arrival - referred to as 'nesting'. Your motherly instincts are already starting to kick in! It can be a challenging (and uncomfortable) period as your bump continues to grow, but keeping yourself as physically and mentally healthy as possible is key.


Remember, it’s best to consult a healthcare practitioner for a more accurate prediction!