Pregnancy Week 17 & 18

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Discover the highlights of Pregnancy Week 17 & 18. Check recommendations to follow & keep track of your pregnancy and your baby development with Wyeth Nutrition

Pregnancy weeks 17&18


Pregnancy weeks 17&18-2

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Your Pregnancy Week 17

What is happening with your baby at pregnancy week 17?1,2

  • The big news of the week is that you may start to feel your baby move.


  • your baby's eyes can move, although they'll stay shut for now
  • they can react to loud noises
  • their mouth can open and close
  • fingernails are starting to grow
  • Your baby will have their own unique fingerprints. Even identical twins have different fingerprints.

How big is your baby?

Your baby is about the size of a pomegranate and the weight of a ball of mozzarella.1

Your Body2

  • You may notice that your breasts have changed considerably since your pregnancy began.
  • Hormones are preparing your breasts for milk production — more blood is flowing to the breasts, and the glands that produce milk are growing in preparation for breastfeeding.
  • This can increase your breast size (many women increase one to two cup sizes) and make veins become visible.
  • Buy supportive bras in a few different sizes to manage your breast growth during pregnancy.

Your Pregnancy Week 18

You are almost to the half-way point!

What is happening with your baby when you are 18 weeks pregnant?3,4

  • Your baby's reflexes are developing this week – and on the agenda will be hearing, feeling, swallowing and sucking.
  • They will also be doing a lot of wriggling around and moving their little arms and legs.

How big is your baby?

  • Your baby is approximately the size and weight of a sweet red pepper.3

Your Body3

  • You might be starting to feel a bit clumsier as your belly gets bigger. Your breasts may have gone up a size, too, particularly if it's your first pregnancy.
  • Your blood pressure is probably a bit lower than it was, so don't leap up from the sofa, or it could make you feel dizzy.
  • Your baby has been moving around for the past couple of months, but you wouldn't have noticed because they were so small. Now, you might start to feel some movement – it's like a bubbling or fluttering inside your belly.
  • You may also notice a line down your stomach, called 'black line'. This is normal skin pigmentation and nothing to worry about. It will probably vanish a few months after your baby's born.

Tips for Tips for making your pregnancy better

  • Coping with headaches in pregnancy
    • Enjoy a soothing head massage. You don't need special oils - just ask your partner or a family member to gently massage your scalp and neck while you sit upright on a chair. Research shows that regular head massages can reduce headaches by easing stress and relaxing the muscles that go into spasm.1
    • You can also make changes to your lifestyle to try and help prevent and treat headaches. Try to:5
      • drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration
      • get enough sleep
      • rest and relax – you could try a pregnancy yoga class, for example
  • This is a good week for planning and getting things done. Make a 'to do' list and start ticking things off – it's amazingly therapeutic. Put 'me time' on the list, in case you forget that you're important too.3
  • You're probably busting out of your usual clothes – so get yourself something 'new' that will make you look and feel good.3


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