Pregnancy Weeks 15-16

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Discover the highlights of Pregnancy Week 15 & 16. Check recommendations to follow & keep track of your pregnancy and your baby development with Wyeth Nutrition

Pregnancy weeks 15&16


Pregnancy weeks 15&16-2

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Your Pregnancy Week 15

What is happening with your baby at pregnancy week 15?1,2

  • This week, your baby has been busy growing a soft layer of hair all over the body. The eyebrows and eyelashes are also starting to sprout.
  • Your baby's eyes are now sensitive to light. Although they're firmly shut, they could pick up a bright light in the world outside your womb.
  • Around now, your baby will start hearing too. Talk to your baby and they will probably hear you. They will also hear your heartbeat and any noises made by your digestive system.

How big is your baby?

Your baby is about the size of an apple. The weight is around 70g, which is the same as a small bag of salad.1

Your Body

  • It is normal to have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy. It's usually thin, clear or milky white and should not smell unpleasant.3
    • See your doctor if:1
      • it changes color – it should be clear, white or creamy.
      • it starts smelling badly – it should smell slightly musky, not strongly of fish or anything else.
      • it changes texture – for example, it starts going frothy or looks like cottage cheese.
      • you get pain when peeing.
      • you feel itchy or sore.
    • Any of these signs could mean that you've got a vaginal infection, so get checked out as this could be easily treated.
  • You may have backache in pregnancy as your womb gets heavier and pregnancy hormones affect the ligaments in your body, which can put a strain on your lower back.3

Your Pregnancy Week 16

What is happening with your baby when you are 16 weeks pregnant?4,5

  • Your baby is starting to pull faces now, but any smiling or frowning will be completely random, as there's no muscle control yet.4
  • The nervous system continues to develop, and this enables your baby to start moving their arms and legs. You might be able to feel your baby kicking from next week onwards, which is something exciting to look forward to.4
  • Your baby's hands can form fists and they may start punching around inside you too.4

How big is your baby?

  • Your baby is about the size of an avocado. The weight is around 100g, which is the same as a medium bag of salad.4

Your Body6

  • Your uterus is continuing to grow and weighs approximately ¼ kg.
  • Your placenta is also growing, and your body is producing an increased amount of amniotic fluid that helps protect your baby during your pregnancy.
  • When you are pregnant, your blood volume increases by 30- 50%, resulting in more blood circulation through your body. This increase in blood circulation causes your face to be brighter.
  • Your body is also producing hormones that cause your oil glands to work in over-drive, leaving your face shiny.
  • Both of these things can result in a “pregnancy glow.” If your skin becomes too oily, you can use an oil-free cleanser to clean your face. Other than that, just smile and enjoy your glow!

Tips for Tips for making your pregnancy better

Avoiding and easing back pain in pregnancy

Try these tips:7

  • bend your knees and keep your back straight when you lift or pick something up from the floor
  • avoid lifting heavy objects
  • move your feet when you turn to avoid twisting your spine
  • wear flat shoes to evenly distribute your weight
  • try to balance the weight between 2 bags when carrying shopping
  • keep your back straight and well supported when sitting – look for maternity support pillows
  • get enough rest, particularly later in pregnancy
  • have a massage or a warm bath
  • use a mattress that supports you properly – you can put a piece of hardboard under a soft mattress to make it firmer, if necessary
  • go to a group or individual back care class


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