S-26 Ultima 3 Breast Milk is the Best 1st & only with optimized lactoze S-26 Ultima-3

S-26 Ultima - Advanced Nutrition for Your Growing Baby

How can S26 Ultima 3 help your baby?

Give your little one a
healthy tummy for
ultimate comfort,
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Did you know?

Gastrointestinal Complaints

Nutrition is key to a healthy digestive system. 2 So, by providing good nutrition, you are protecting:

healthy digestive system
S-26 Milk Features

New and improved lid & scoop | Preparation methods

s-26 ultima 3 Aspects
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How to prepare s-26 ultima 3

ult/files/2022-04/asset_13.png Wash your hands before preparing baby’s formula.
2-Washing cup Wash cup thoroughly until no milk remains.
3-Boil for 5 minutes, leave covered until use Boil for 5 minutes, leave covered until use.
4-Boiling Jug Boil drinking water for 5 minutes; allow to cool until luke warm.
Pooring boiled water into a cup Consult feeding table, pour exact amount of lukewarm water into the cup.
6-Spoon Use only the scoop from this container. Powder must be leveled.
7-Adding Scoop into a cup Consult feeding table, add exact number of level scoops into cup.
8-Stirring Cup Stir until powder completely dissolves. To be consumed within 1 hour.
9-Closing Bottle Tightly Close tin tightly after each use & store it in a cool & dry place. Must be used within 3 weeks after opening.

Serving methods:

1 Scoop in 30ml 210 ml of water 7 nb of scoops 2-3 nb of feeds per day 12 mth+ Age Warning: Unboiled water, unboiled cups or incorrect dilution can make your child ill. Incorrect storage, handling, preparation and feeding can potentially lead to adverse effects for the health of your child.

Important Notice: