Pregnancy Weeks 9-10

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Pregnancy is divided into three stages, known as “trimesters. You are nearing the end of your first trimester. In this article, you will learn about your and your baby’s development at week 9 & 10, as well as get some useful tips

Pregnancy weeks 9&10


Pregnancy weeks 9&10-2

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Your Pregnancy Week 9

What is happening with your baby at pregnancy week 9?1,2

  • The baby's face is gradually taking shape. The eyes are larger and more noticeable, and they contain some color. A mouth and a tongue with small taste buds are present.1
  • The hands and feet are growing - ridges mark the location of the fingers and toes, though they have not yet split.1
  • The heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and intestines are among the major internal organs that continue to develop.1

How big is your baby?

Your baby is about the size of a strawberry.3

Your Body1

  • Your breasts will have grown larger, so consider wearing a supportive bra.
  • You may also notice that your emotions swing, making you happy one minute and unhappy the next. Do not worry; these emotions are natural and will pass.
  • When you're pregnant, it's typical to experience increased vaginal discharge.
    • However, if the discharge smells unpleasant or odd, you feel itchy or sore, or you experience pain when you urinate, notify your doctor.
    • These could be symptoms of vaginal infection that your doctor should check.

Your Pregnancy Week 10

What is happening with your baby when you are 10 weeks pregnant?4,5

  • A scan will reveal the baby's jerky movements.
  • Your child is experiencing yet another big growth spurt.
  • The head is still far too large for the body, but the face is shaping out nicely.
  • Although the small eyes are half-closed, they may react to light.
  • The little nose now has two nostrils, and the simple mouth has a delicate upper lip.
  • The baby's jaw bone is also growing, and it contains tiny versions of all the baby's milk teeth.
  • The heart is beating at 180bpm, which is about three times your normal heart rate.

How big is your baby?

  • Your baby is about the size of a small apricot.5

Your Body5

  • The size of your uterus is like that of a big orange.
  • You might bloat, burp, or pass wind, and you can blame it on your hormones!
  • Progesterone, a female hormone, is simply doing its job, relaxing the muscles in your womb so that it may expand to suit your growing baby.
  • However, the muscles in your digestive tract loosen because of this process, which can cause a variety of symptoms, including heartburn.

Tips for making your pregnancy better

Beating bloating5

Changing your diet can help you overcome digestive problems such as bloating and burping.

  • Make six small meals a day for yourself,
  • don't eat late at night,
  • eat slowly,
  • drink plenty of water,
  • avoid smoking
  • Taking a short walk after meals may be beneficial.
  • Some women notice their symptoms worsen after they consume coffee or eat hot, fatty foods. Try to figure out what your triggers are and then stay away from them!


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