Pregnancy Weeks 23-24

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Week by week, as your baby prepares for life outside the womb, you're reaching new milestones in your pregnancy. Your infant is practicing breathing and establishing sleeping and waking patterns around this period.

Pregnancy weeks 23&24


Pregnancy weeks 23&24-2

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Your Pregnancy Week 23

What is happening with your baby at pregnancy week 23?1,2

The limbs of your baby are now in proportion. Your kid will kick you about for the next few weeks, and you'll start to see your tummy move as well, which will look strange.1

How big is your baby?

Your baby is approximately the size of a squash and the weight of a packet of wholewheat dried pasta.1

Your Body2

  • The closer your due date approaches, the more problems sleeping you may have. Anxiety, needing to go to the bathroom, heartburn, leg cramps, and overall discomfort can all contribute to a restless night's sleep.
  • However, your baby's and your personal health depend on you receiving adequate sleep.
  • To get in the mood to sleep, try a warm bath, calming music, a relaxing book, or a cup of herbal tea.
  • Many doctors advise pregnant women to sleep on their sides rather than their backs or stomachs to ensure enough blood flow to the placenta.
  • If you're having trouble sleeping on your side, consider putting a pillow between your knees to relieve the pressure of your weight.

Your Pregnancy Week 24

What is happening with your baby when you are 24 weeks pregnant?3

  • Your baby may detect if he or she is upside down or right side up while floating and making motions in the amniotic fluid since the inner ear which controls balance is now fully developed.

How big is your baby?

  • Your baby is approximately the size of an ear of corn, and the weight of a big tub of low-fat cottage cheese.4

Your Body

  • You may feel really hungry, but you don't need to eat anything more until the third trimester of your pregnancy, which begins around week 28.4
  • You will most likely gain weight, but don't worry if you can barely see your bump because every pregnancy is different.
  • Do not listen to friends or family members who tell you that you look too big or too small. You're probably perfect for you!
  • Glucose screening, an important prenatal test, is frequently performed between weeks 24 and 28.3
  • This test looks for gestational diabetes, diabetes that develops during pregnancy and can create complications for the baby, such as low blood sugar.

Tips for Tips for making your pregnancy better

  • Do you consume a lot of tea and coffee? This week, attempt to replace your cups with alternatives such as smoothies and fruit teas. You should consume only   200 mg per day. When you think about it, that's not much...1
  • A mug of tea contains approximately 75mg of caffeine.
  • A cup of instant coffee contains approximately 100mg.
  • A can of cola contains approximately 40mg.
  • A 50g bar of milk chocolate contains up to 10mg of caffeine.
  • Your hair is probably going crazy right now, going straighter, curlier, limper, or fuller as a result of your hormones working overtime.4
  • Why not purchase a new hair care product for yourself? It doesn't have to be expensive because supermarkets have a wide selection.
  • To add shine, try making your own conditioner. After shampooing, massage a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil into your hair, paying special attention to the ends. Allow for a minute, before rinsing thoroughly. That's it!


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