10 Month Old Milestones

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Month 10

Month 10

“My crawling and standing are improving every day”

My crawling and standing are improving every day
TOY is my favourite
and so do I

Stay close,
I can be afraid of


Uh oh, I’m starting to
get clingy with my
favourite people



Big change – I understand the word ‘no’

My days are fun as I make lots of different sounds

I’m not being rude, but I use my fingers to point



Aren’t you proud, I can make a sitting position
imageHold my hand dad – I can stand steady
imageBut I still prefer crawling, I’m so good at it
Look out couch I will pull on you to stand



Let’s play peek-a-boo

I’m starting to learn to move things from one hand to next

When you hide things I like to find them

Breakfast is fun as I can pick up food between my thumb and index finger

Yes, I still try to put everything in my mouth


Source: Milestone Moments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Available at:

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