18 Month Old Milestones

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Month 18

Month 18

“Look mom, no hands I can walk on my own”

Look, I can pull this toy

With help I can
undress myself


Steps are fun but watch ME RUN


Hand over the water,
I can drink from a cup
Tasty – I can now eat with a spoon



I like to share and hand things to you for playtime

Uh oh, I’m having temper tantrums

Watch out, I may be afraid of strangers

But I’ll still show aection to familiar people

Let’s play pretend and feed dolly

I can say a few single words

Now I shake my head when I say “no”

I’m getting clingy to you in new situations

Look over there, I point to interesting things

I’m an explorer but still want my parents close by


Source: Milestone moments. 18 months. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Available at:

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