Why is my baby crying?

For her first few months, your child is completely dependent on you.

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For her first few months, your child is completely dependent on you. The only way she can communicate with you is by crying, and it is a tool she will use whenever she needs anything.

It can be hard to understand what it is she needs exactly, but as she grows, she’ll soon be able to express herself better. Until then, here are some reasons why she might be crying, and what you can do about it.

  • She’s hungry. This is the most common reason why your baby will cry. Your baby’s stomach is tiny and can’t hold very much, so she needs to eat frequently. You can try feeding her, even if it’s not time to eat. She may not stop crying immediately, but let her keep feeding.
  • It’s part of her routine. Soon enough you’ll start to realize trends in her crying, with most babies crying more in the late afternoon and evening. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with her.
  • She needs to be held. Babies need cuddling and physical contact. It comforts them, and crying might just be a way for her to ask you to hold her.
  • She’s tired. Babies sometimes have a hard time falling asleep, especially is they are over-tired. Try taking her to a quiet room to help her calm down and get the sleep she needs.
  • She’s too cold or too hot. Check her tummy to gage if she’s too hot or too cold. Dress her accordingly, and add a layer or remove a layer when she’s in her crib. (TIP: Your baby generally only needs one layer of clothing more than you.)
  • She needs her diaper changed. Try not to keep her diaper wet or soiled for too long. Your baby might be bothered by irritated skin, so check that as well.
  • She doesn’t feel good. If your baby is not doing well, she’ll be crying in a different tone than you’re used to. If you feel that something is not right, call your doctor immediately.



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