25 Month Old Milestones

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Month 25

Month 25

“Watch out, i’m becoming more independent”


When other children are
around I get excited

especially adults
and older children


Each day I show more and more independence

Which means I show defiant behavior (doing what you’ve told me not to)

I like to play mainly beside other children, but I am beginning to include other children, such as in chase games


imageI complete sentences and rhymes in familiar books
Even when hidden under 2 or 3 covers I can find my toys
My block towers are getting taller I can build with 4 or more
imageLet`s have fun and play simple make-believe games



I may recognize a few things or pictures when they are named

I know the names of some familiar people

I can speak now in sentences

Its easy for me to follow simple instructions

I can run now even in circles

I can throw a ball at you and can catch when you throw

I can use the stairs on my own now



Source: Milestone moments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Available at:

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