3 Month Old Milestones

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Month 3

Month 3

“I am practicing how to move and interact”

practicing pushing
down on the floor

Watch me try to lift MY HEAD
when I am on my stomach


Look! I’m swiping at
dangling objects with
hands and grasping and
shaking my toys

I’m getting MY ARMS
strong by pushing up on
them while on my stomach



I’m watching your faces intentionally and recognize familiar objects and people at a distance

Do you love how I am starting to babble and imitate sounds?

Your voice makes me smile and I’ll turn my head to hear you

I bet you are proud I smile in social settings

It’s really fun playing with other people so I cry when play stops

My face and body is allowing me to be more communicative and expressive



Source: Milestone Moments. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Available at:

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